TBS provides the solution to your business requirements​

TBS has successfully been supplying to the OEM, OES, and the Aftermarket industries for over 15 years, which gives us an in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry.

TBS Solutions

In the demanding world of car production TBS knows how essential it is to supply quality products at 100% design conformity, when and where they are needed. For this reason we work closely with clients to determine the major performance demands and our Engineering, Quality and Supply Chain departments work tirelessly to achieve and exceed these standards.

automotive parts

Automotive Components

We supply OEM, OES, and Aftermarket parts to the automotive industry.
A unique reputation of customer service, market responsiveness and high quality product precedes us.



15+ years of automotive kit packaging experience
ensures we have the best, safest and most cost effective solutions. Customise your own kits with essential parts you require.



Your products are packed securely and protected inside and out. With sample archiving, customer bespoke labelling and barcoding including boxing and re-boxing are all handled within house to ensure continuous supply.



With our Vendor Managed Inventory service, maintain the proper supply of the products you need and never worry again about overstocking


TBS not only executes regular audits to guarantee our working practices and procedures remain the highest level, but also we re-engineer our components to OE spec, establishing the correct tolerances and subjecting samples to a range of tests.



50,000 square feet holding up to 20,000+ pallets fully racked over 3 European locations. We provide all types of logistics services, applying a uniform standard of quality. 

Our engineering department carefully re-engineers to OE specs

Using multiple samples to establish the correct tolerances and subjecting samples to a range of tests to determine the correct material composition and plating standards.

Best solutions at the lowest cost to our clients

We provide solutions for the critical area of vehicle braking. For this reason TBS takes its responsibilities very seriously, ensuring to produce quality components each and every time.

Why Choose Us

We are a brake pad accessories supplier unlike any others.

We grow business based on partnerships, and that got us where we stand today. We create individual systems according to the production plan requirement and we have our eyes and hands on each process of the work, by having 6 locations worldwide, to ensure the quality we sell.

trust and experience

Trust and Experience

Family business through 4 generations since 1975, we have a name to trust because we care.

Laboratory Services

Various testing and measuring are available our in-house laboratory including full validation metrology service, thickness and hardness testing and metallurgical analysis.

customised service

Customised Products and Services

As TBS understands the demanding world of car production, we work very closely with clients in order to  determine the major performance demands of each and every clients.

Our Team of Experts

Our team speaks 12 languages, allowing us to clearly communicate with suppliers and clients all over the world and to deliver a full-range of skill-sets to meet your needs.

Guaranteed Quality

The management team of TBS Limited is fully committed to the development, maintenance and
improvement of the quality management system, the principles and requirements of ISO 9001.

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