Our new PACKING MACHINES are here!



As demand has grown from our global clients ,we recently have invested in 2 new packing machines that now assist our clients’ demands. These machines are unique to TBS as they were designed inhouse by our own team.

These machines use more environmental friendly materials: 100% recyclable polypropylene and its continuous roll feed ensures that we can match the big sizes to limit to the minimum needed to pack which let us reduce plastic waste.

The inline counting system ensures  that we have correct quantity of items in the bag . We also have a prototype feed system to allow the automatic counting loop from 3 separate feed routes on the machine for metallic and non metallic materials which lead us to a further expansion in our packing capability.

The third machine is in production now which will replace all existing machines and allow us to double the capacity . With these new machines we  are thrilled to be able to continue to serve our clients with improved product offering and cost effective solutions, as well as more environmental friendly offering as part of our continuous improvement and lean programs.



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