TBS Services



We have 15+ years of automotive kit packaging experience and currently
supply over 10 million kits per year to the automotive industry. With sample archiving
customer bespoke label and barcoding including boxing and re-boxing all handled
within house to ensure continuous supply.



We can provide services that include full boxing with barcode scanning, barcode labelling and many other packaging specialized skills. We encourage anyone interested in our professional boxing services to contact us for more detailed information.



We will take care of all your restocking needs. You do not need to worry anymore about running out of stocks, plus say hello to the lower carrying costs. Let us take care of the stocks for you, so you can devote your time to growing your business  and do what you do the best.


We have the ability to deliver lineside, going directly from inventory to the specific work cell without making additional stops in between, removing the potential for imbalance on the line by delivering the right quantities of the right part at the right time. We can offer this service not only with our own parts but also with 3rd party products if required.


With our Kanban system, we maximize the benefits to the business process. With the improved work flow, the entire system becomes smoother and more predictable in which we gain the ability to forecast completion times and  to make reliable forecast commitments to our clients. 


We have our own warehouses in 3 European locations, consist of 50,000 square feet with the capacity to store pallets up to 20,000+.
We use state of the art equipment & technology for our warehousing solutions including barcode scanning, barcode labelling, counterbalance and articulated forklifts,
CMM measuring machines, WMS and CRM with Cloud Solutions.,

Our top 5
product categories

Cold Forged Bolts and Screws

Customised Kits

Repitition Turned Parts

Multi Stage Stamping

Electrical Wear Indicators

Inhouse Laboratory

At our inhouse laboratory, with the state of the art Keyence “Image Dimension Measurement System”, we accurately measure dimensions previously impossible by vision.

Our top rated lab services:

  • Full validation metrology service
  • Thickness and hardness testing
  • Metallurgical analysis

and further bespoke services are available upon request.

Storage Solutions

We are all equipped with transfomational machinaries and technology to add extraordinary value to our warehousing services.

Out of many, our standard storaging services are operated with:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Barcode labelling
  • Counterbalance and Articulated forklists
  • CMM measuring machines
  • WMS
  • CRM with cloud solutions

Delivery Solutions

TBS pride ourselves on customer focused delivery services based upon costs, speed of delivery and any overseas requirements.

Our most popular global services with our own transportation fleet include:

  • Lineside
  • Kanban
  • Consignment
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Traditional Pallet Network
  • Container Freight